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Keijiro Kurokawa is a renowned animation and film production figure, known for his contributions over several decades.


Beginning at Mushi Productions, he worked on Japan's first major animation series "Astro Boy" as assistant director and later assistant producer. He also led productions like "Wonder 3", "Knight of the Ribbon" and "Vampire".


Moving to Tokyo Movie (now TMS Entertainment), Kurokawa originated and produced projects such as "Kyojin's Star", "Moomin", "No.1 Attack" and "Lupan the 3rd". Returning to Mushi Productions, he produced the animated feature "21X" and Tezuka Osamu's series "Triton of the Sea".


Kurokawa expanded into independent documentary production for esteemed networks, including NHK, TBS, NTV, and others. He also served as executive producer for films like "S W" (1999) and collaborated on animation projects like "Koomai" (2000). His expertise led to supervisory roles in films like "Ashita-gennkininaare" (2005), "LUNA-HEIGHTS" (2005), and "Futou-Fukutsu" (2006).


Kurokawa shared his knowledge as a visiting lecturer at Shanghai University Art Department. He also held influential positions as President/CEO of Animedia Dot Com, Inc. and Chairman/CEO of Hong Kong Pacific TV Company, Ltd.


Keijiro Kurokawa's passion, innovative approach, and extensive experience have solidified his status as a well-respected and visionary producer in the entertainment industry.

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