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Jasmine Yu


Executive Producer

Jasmine is a seasoned writer with a profound appreciation for global culture and a mission to foster mutual understanding across diverse societies. As a travel journalist, newspaper editor and multimedia producer, she has embarked on explorations across continents since 1995, from Boston to the Cape of Good Hope, the Nordic countries to the Oceania islands, and the Maya Civilization to the Temple of Jerusalem. Her writing beautifully captures the essence of these cultures, resonating with readers and transcending boundaries worldwide.

Since 2021, Jasmine has assumed the role of executive producer, spearheading the production centered around the Buyi people in Guizhou. With a keen focus on showcasing their unique story from a female perspective, she has successfully brought it to global audiences, fostering a deeper understanding of their culture. What makes this accomplishment even more remarkable is that Jasmine flawlessly managed and executed the production amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 lockdown. As a first time film producer, her exceptional work has garnered significant recognition in China, and her latest project, THE TOKEN, continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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Lixin Liang, a graduate of the Central Academy of Arts and Design (now the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University) in 1989, has been engaged in artistic creation for 35 years. His diverse career path includes serving as an Associate Professor at a college of art and design, working as an advertising designer, and a stage art designer. Within the film and television industry, he has gained extensive experience as an art director, director, and screenwriter.


Cameron Xi

Administrative Producer

With a management consulting background encompassing both the private and public sectors, Cameron takes charge of government relation and global marketing. His passion lie in preserving and promoting the minority cultures such as Buyi worldwide, aiming to create sustainable commercial opportunities that uplift the community and combat poverty. Through strategic partnerships and innovative marketing, Cameron is dedicated to fostering cultural appreciation, collaboration, and economic empowerment, resulting in a transformative cinematic experience with a lasting social impact.

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Andrew Balcof a storyteller with a passion for finding untold narratives and bringing them to life. Based out of LA and Las Vegas, he's traveled the globe to bring never-before-seen tales to the silver screen and your computer screen. Whether it's working with the Yanomami people of the Venezuelan Amazon, the Buyi of Southwestern China, or the Spinal Muscular Dystrophy community, his goal is to tell and assist others in telling authentic stories that engage a global audience. 



Costume Designer 

Lun Li, a renowned costume designer with over 33 years of experience in film and television, believes that costumes serve as one of the fundamental elements in expressing the cultural essence of the TV and silver screen. In his work, he strives not only to showcase the costume culture of the Buyi ethnic group but also to vividly portray their cultural symbols and relationships with the characters through the language of Buyi costumes. These efforts are all exquisite examples of the Buyi ethnic group showcasing a romantic aesthetic style that harmoniously blends tradition and innovation to captivate the world.


Lun's exceptional talent in character development through his design work has earned him numerous accolades, including the 20th China TV Golden Eagle Award and the Best Art Award for "The Story of A Noble Family." He has also received recognition for his contributions to "The Long March," which received prestigious awards such as the 4th Huabiao Film Awards for Outstanding Feature Film and the 21st Hundred Flowers Awards for Best Feature Film and Fine Arts.

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